Friday, December 30, 2005

Latke-Hamentashen Debate

Latke-Hamentashen Debate:
University of Chicago:Audio

Channuka Videos:Chabad5towns

Video of a Hevron Yeshiva:Shavei Hevron

Yeshiva HS of Tucon:YHST

Yeshiva in Sanur:Sanur

Hurricane in Yeshiva of Miami:YTC

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Advice Needed

Hypothetically speaking, what are some great ways to propose to a girl?

Good News

I've had an amazing day. First seder went awsome. We had a Messiba by my Rebbi's house and I was the one in charge of buying the presents. I now know what a hassle it is to collect money from people. I don't press anyone for money because I know how hard it is for some people to afford it. I just inform them we are collecting money ($5 a guy) and if they wanted to give they could. I ended up shelling out $15 but I got three promises to give me some moeny so I hope they follow through. I also bought gift card that said, "thank you for your gift it really gave a lift"(something like this) and I added in quotes, "In ruchnius of course!" As usual there was a couple of guys who didn't think it was appropirate to give such a joking card to a Rebbi , it is not Kavod Hatorah, and also the gifts were too little and we should rather give nothing if we can't give an appropriate monetary gift. I was a little insulted as I was the only one doing anything to set this gift up but I did see their point, but I ignored it out of desperation because I really wanted to give a gift and I didn't care what anyone else thought and I knew my Rebbi would appreiciate what ever I did. How ever all these points are valid. There is so much to be thankful for and one must do everything with tact. I spoke a bout Hakaras Hatov and how we had to appreciate our Rebbi who does so much for us. I also spoke with my Rebbi from Yeshiva in Israel whom I haven't spoken to in over a year. Can you believe he still was asking other guys about me and knew everything I was doing and where I was in life. He kept tabs on me. I love you Rebbi! You are the best! (No he does not read this blog but I can't contain my love). Does a girl make a Shehechiyanu on recieving an engagment ring or candlesticks? What if she never lit candles before she got married, does she make it then? Happy Channuka.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Channuka

My Menorah

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Crazy, Wacky World of Jewish Videos

B"h if you search Google Video you will find a plethora of Jewish music videos, Jewish comedy videos and interesting clips ranging from all types of Jewish themes. As a visual person, I enjoy watching action. It is great to be able to enjoy a guilt free music video. Here are some links I have found:

Spoof on L'cha
Harry Potter Spoof
Crazy Mendy
Moron Squad

Not funny but sad:


ACCOUNTING IS GIVING ME A HEADACHE!!!!!!! at least right now after 15 hours or so of studying... I need a massage.....

E=Mc2 What?

So, I was in Far Rockaway this shabbos for an Afruf and I had a fabulous time; the highlight of the shabbos was my speech of course :-). While I won't bore you with what I said, I will tell you a vort that I heard from R' Waxman, who spoke during Seuda Shlishis, b'shem Einstein . R' Waxman said over that he had an aquantance whose father corresponded with Einstein. Among those letters, Einstein said a 'vort'. He wrote (my wording), "It is no coincidene that the gematria of the word 'Shakai', God's name, is 314, the same numbers as in Pi. Just as Pi is infinite among finite so too Hashem is infinite as a circle." As they say a true or maybe made up story; Einstein sent a letter to the Rogachover saying he was as smart as two Einsteins; the Rogochover wrote back, as smart as two Einsteins and 200 Maskilim in change.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


It is that time again. Time to memorize the meterial for a few hours and forget it after taking the test. I admit, some of the philosophy material is facinating. Especially Nietzsche; that guy must have been smoking something. Learning the meterial does put my Jewish philosophy in a whole new light. I am actually appreciating my religion. When I see what else is out there, I am glad I have something that is worthwhile and useful.
Yesterday, while I was registering for the next semester, I was delt a nasty surprise. Three out of the four classes I wanted to sign up for were closed out. I went balistic. I needed those specific classes and at those times because those time slots were the only ones I could go to college without being thrown out of Yeshivah. Hashem had other plans. After a good few hours I found classes that fit my time slots and gave me a few extra credits to boot. So Hashem was right after all. I made a boo-boo. There was no reason for me to get upset. This was a lesson for me to learn that Hashem runs the world and not I. So until finals are over (sometimes next week) I will be absent from blogging. For all those in a similar matzav, Hatzlacha; and wish me as well: I need it desperately.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Channuka Video

I know there are many Channuka videos out there but this one seems kinda far out.
Dreidel to the Grave

A Right or a Privilege?

I know this issue has been brought up in many blog such as Ruchnigashmi and YO and has been the point of discussion in The Jewish Ethicist, if schools have the right to pick and choose elite students in the study of Torah. In theory, I agree that the teaching of Torah is an unalienable right for every Jew and no school should ever turn down anyone who wishes to have a Jewish education, whether they can afford it or not, and schools should not decide to accept a student based on money or yichus; however, I do not feel in this case the answer to the question posed to the JEthicist, "Some schools in my area try to maintain a student body drawn from the "best" families. Is this an ethical practice?", was entirely correct. A school is a money making device. The Torah requires the father or grandfather to teach his son Torah and pay for if necessary. This means paying tuition and maintaining respect for the authority of the school. The community is not responsible for that burden. There is a minimum the father must teach his son and that is it. Beyond that a person must learn himself and take responsiblity for his own actions and education. Schools today not only teach Torah but also secular studies. Schools, being a business have a right to maintain a certain clientele that fit their agenda. If you don't like it find a different school. Torah must be maintained at the highest level. If you want the name brand or even a better education, if you so believe a particualr school provides so, meet the expectations and requirements. If you can 't, be happy with your lot and strive to be the best you can be. Many people say they don't have money to educate their children or they are upset at the eliteness of a particular school; well then, don't attend that school. A person doesn't have a right to attend "Harvard"; if you make it, good for you. Elite schools give regular students a base to strive to be like the elite. Take that away and we will all be ignoramouses. Don't become communist or socialist when it comes to education. We all know what happened to the USSR.

Simple Pleasures

I have been tagged by Hoodie to list 5 simple pleasures, so here goes:

1)A heater
2)Crackers and peanut butter
3)A massage
4)A good joke
5)A kiss

Anyone who wishes to be tagged consider themselves touched.

Affirmative Information

For my English 1 class we has to attend a library workshop to explain to us how to use the library system and how to search for information. What I found facinating and informative about the 50 minute lecture was how it put into perspective Torah learning today. First the professor explained how books are an important resource of information because they transmit previously discovered knowledge from millions of people spanning thousands of years. Instead of reinventing the wheel, it is preferable to read a thesis of what someone else spent years of their life perfecting and build upon that knowledge. He also stressed that searching the library catalog instead of a search engine such as Google would produce better and more reliable information because the articles are subject to peer review. This only bolsters the claim that the blogging world and the internet at large is mostly delusive and useless information. The reason for this is because anyone can write what they want without being held accountible for what they say. It will only get worse as the ease to connect to the internet grows. More people with less intelligence are saying their opinion .This spawns ignorance. The beauty of the Talmud is that it is peer reviewed. Everyone agrees with it. Thousands of Tannaim and Amoraim are quoted. It is not something that has been typed up as an afterthought. This is one reason why literature written by Reform or Conservative rabbis are rejected. They have no substance on which to pass the peer review test. They are constantly making mistakes in basic logic put forth in the Talmud. Whether a concept in Judaism makes sense to you or me is not the point. It must follow the rules of Torah logic. This is a common mistake ignorant people make. Try not to be ignorant; it doesn't serve anyone a great help. Not everything written is true. Take everything as a grain of salt. Read meterial that has a verifiable source. That may even mean not to trust what is written in this blog.

Kosher Erotica?

Due to negative fan mail I have removed this post.


The numerical equivalent of "sulam"-ladder, is the same as "mamon"-money. From this we learn that money is like a ladder; we can use it to ascend and draw nearer to heaven or we can degrade ourselves with it. It is only dependent on how we use it and for what purpose it is employed.
(The Baal Shem Tov)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hint, Hint

It has been around for a while; the ease of making the engagment ring; the ease of making invitations, Poof! A few clicks, enter your credit card, and you have a ready made ring or invitation. But now it it easy for the Kallah as well to buy the watch, chick-chak. Check out the new site at, .


Reading this post by OlehGirl (Feb 7, 2005) conjured a discussion we had in my philosophy class; the old age question, "Why do bad things happen to good people?", and other similar doubts. Our philosophy professor makes it a point not to join sides on any of the issues that are brought up. He explains the two sides of the argument and leaves it at that. I find that any philosophical debate has no ending and a person can believe in whichever way he so desires. One can become a skeptic, one can become an atheist. It is not something one is born as. If one wants to be religious he has that choice. A person has a choice to become secular. Why would someone make such a choice? (Not to say I am above Taivos, but I wouldn't label myself as one who gives into my animalistic desires).

Friday, December 09, 2005


To be an Ackshan in Hebrew means to be stubborn. One can be stubborn in many situations such as in their religious beliefs, in loving their spouse, in praying to God, or in their studies. It behoves us to understand where this trait is derived from in order to remedy our negative actions. I have been called a donkey several times in my life. I am assuming that it was for a good reason. My favorite word is "No." Without getting too Freudian, I think the reason I enjoy saying no is because it shifts responsibilty to someone else to accomplish what I do not wish to be bothered with. It is much easier for me to reflexively tell someone I am too busy or I do not know how to do a certain task rather than attempt to work out a solution. Or it may be possible I am mentally slow- I do not know. Examples of unmotivation range from: waking up on time for Shachris; coming on time for Seder; not watching movies or TV; calling my mother; and studying for tests. From my vantage point in life it seems that others have it easier to be able to accomplish great things. I do envy those who have made strides in accomplishing great things for humanity. Changing myself into becoming a better person is to begin to change the world; but, wouldn't it be nice if I can come up with some new cure for cancer or some new codification of Tanach?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Intelligence? I.Q.?

What is intelligence? Funny I am deciding to write about this topic when just last night I was assigned this question by my English professor in college. He assigned us to read a book review that the main thrust of the article was, "Is it time to reevaluate our conception of 'smarts and intelligence' based on pop culture"? His thesis was based on the fact that contemporary TV and video games make people think smarter by making them think and priorities tasks. They require people to think of the plot and they are more intricate and thought provoking than earlier shows. Is intelligence displayed by street smarts? Is someone who is more loquacious and talk philosophy and complex ideas more smart than an uneducated person? Why is intelligence based on what we KNOW rather than how we act? Yaccov is described as Ish Tam, a simple man. Simplicity is sometimes smarter than all the logistical gymnastics that people purport to come up with. Sometime it is only silliness. It depend on the perspective of the viewer and what their likes and dislikes are. Isn't it better to use the soul to pursue something useful? The heart loves to play but the reality is not all that it seems to be. Sometimes it is good to doubt. Descartes did, why shouldn't we?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Thank You Hashem!

So I have been home, to LA, over the weekend. It was a whirlwind of activities. Good things are happening, B"H, and more soon to follow in the coming months. Blessed is Hashem who answers prayers even to those who don't deserve his goodness, since I sure don't. The message to buckle down and to stop playing games and to become a real man is a hard one to follow; but I must, my future and my life depend on it. Life is not only about pleasure but to grow into a better person and groom my soul into something I can be proud of in Olam Habah. I must set priorities and fulfil my responsibilities. I still act immaturely; but I must become mature. The time has come and I must rise to the challenge. It is time to sit and learn Torah and be studious in my education. The games have ended. Life is about to begin.