Sunday, December 11, 2005

Affirmative Information

For my English 1 class we has to attend a library workshop to explain to us how to use the library system and how to search for information. What I found facinating and informative about the 50 minute lecture was how it put into perspective Torah learning today. First the professor explained how books are an important resource of information because they transmit previously discovered knowledge from millions of people spanning thousands of years. Instead of reinventing the wheel, it is preferable to read a thesis of what someone else spent years of their life perfecting and build upon that knowledge. He also stressed that searching the library catalog instead of a search engine such as Google would produce better and more reliable information because the articles are subject to peer review. This only bolsters the claim that the blogging world and the internet at large is mostly delusive and useless information. The reason for this is because anyone can write what they want without being held accountible for what they say. It will only get worse as the ease to connect to the internet grows. More people with less intelligence are saying their opinion .This spawns ignorance. The beauty of the Talmud is that it is peer reviewed. Everyone agrees with it. Thousands of Tannaim and Amoraim are quoted. It is not something that has been typed up as an afterthought. This is one reason why literature written by Reform or Conservative rabbis are rejected. They have no substance on which to pass the peer review test. They are constantly making mistakes in basic logic put forth in the Talmud. Whether a concept in Judaism makes sense to you or me is not the point. It must follow the rules of Torah logic. This is a common mistake ignorant people make. Try not to be ignorant; it doesn't serve anyone a great help. Not everything written is true. Take everything as a grain of salt. Read meterial that has a verifiable source. That may even mean not to trust what is written in this blog.


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