Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good News

I've had an amazing day. First seder went awsome. We had a Messiba by my Rebbi's house and I was the one in charge of buying the presents. I now know what a hassle it is to collect money from people. I don't press anyone for money because I know how hard it is for some people to afford it. I just inform them we are collecting money ($5 a guy) and if they wanted to give they could. I ended up shelling out $15 but I got three promises to give me some moeny so I hope they follow through. I also bought gift card that said, "thank you for your gift it really gave a lift"(something like this) and I added in quotes, "In ruchnius of course!" As usual there was a couple of guys who didn't think it was appropirate to give such a joking card to a Rebbi , it is not Kavod Hatorah, and also the gifts were too little and we should rather give nothing if we can't give an appropriate monetary gift. I was a little insulted as I was the only one doing anything to set this gift up but I did see their point, but I ignored it out of desperation because I really wanted to give a gift and I didn't care what anyone else thought and I knew my Rebbi would appreiciate what ever I did. How ever all these points are valid. There is so much to be thankful for and one must do everything with tact. I spoke a bout Hakaras Hatov and how we had to appreciate our Rebbi who does so much for us. I also spoke with my Rebbi from Yeshiva in Israel whom I haven't spoken to in over a year. Can you believe he still was asking other guys about me and knew everything I was doing and where I was in life. He kept tabs on me. I love you Rebbi! You are the best! (No he does not read this blog but I can't contain my love). Does a girl make a Shehechiyanu on recieving an engagment ring or candlesticks? What if she never lit candles before she got married, does she make it then? Happy Channuka.


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