Sunday, July 03, 2005

Capernoited...slightly intoxicated

Please don't call me an agelast, a person who never laughs. I admit I have become an aeolist, a pompous, windy bore who pretends to have an inspiration. At least that is better than being an alopecist, a person who claims to prevent or cure baldness.
Seriously, I am contemplating the benefits of having become an anonymuncule, a petty anonymous writer, or alternativly a pseudonymuncle, an insignificant writer who publishes under a pseudonym. I pride myself on becoming an autodidact, a self taught person in many obscure and handy jobs. I have become an autotonsorialist, a self hair cutter. How many of you can do that?!
For those who wish to be a eccedentesiast, a person who fakes a smile, at my capabilities, I believe you must become a fidimplicitary, a person who has implicit faith, in my capabilites of giving good haircuts. If you so desire I will write direction to those readers who ask nicely and I wish to respond to. At some point, some of you may wish to "display the dactylion", the tip of the middle finger, at me, because of my unwelcome humor. What I say to you is, I think you are acting like a woman who has dysmenorrhea, difficult or painful menstration, (sorry, I had to throw that in ;-) ).
Graphospasm, writer cramp, is not condusive to blog writting, and neither is pogoniasis, beard growth in a woman.
I am now ready to have a downdrins, an afternoon drinking session, any takers? ;-)


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