Saturday, June 25, 2005

Value-Our Net Worth

What do I want? What is wants? Desires? How much is it worth to me? How much is education worth? What is its value? Can I place a value on knowledge? What makes value? What is invaluable? What knowledge is important? Can I ever have enough of knowledge? How valuable is Torah? Can I place a value on Torah? Can I place a value on people? Why are some people more valuable than others? When does something become expensive? Can education become expensive enough not to spend on it any money? What create money?
I sure you've seen by now what's going on in my head during shabbos. Is our communication and relationships, and understanding of Hashem limited by our language and if it is, does Hebrew encompass all possiblities of all possible knowledge? Can English fill the void and accomplish and develope a better understanding of hashem and his creations? Is there a need to understand science and how it works to fufill g-d will of us and to gain ultimate joy in Olam Haba?
When is it enough to decide I've done my Hishtadlus for parnass/shidduchim and now I can sit back and let Hashem do his thing? One question leads to the next.......
One thing I CAN tell you. Creating Torah value is invaluable.


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