Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I have been pondering in this humid, sticky, unbearable, smell, disgusting hole of a place called NY, about my misfortunes and how they evolved into becoming my defining cacoethes. This unnerving habit is called cacoethes scribendi, as apposed to cacoethes loqendi which I don't have because of my shyness. I have somewhat of a case of cacoethes carpendi depending on my moods.

Are you wondering why I have become a logomaniac? You can see what summer has done to me. I have discovered by reading blogs that I have the syndrome lethologica and loganamnosis. I have decided in my spare time to become a verbivore. There is no better time to read There's A word for it! in the bathroom during Yeshiva Bein Hazmanim.
As you enter the linguistic stratosphere that has been borrowed from the book please do not confuse me for a grandiloquent guide; I am not.
Please do not become a trichotillomanic while you read this post. It will not help for shidduchim. For all of you people worrying in my previous posts about my imparlibidinous with my future wife, please do not be concerned, I am working to be the best I can be, but any help is certainly welcome. I do need help in avoiding acokoinonia in my marriage since I fear I have dishabillophobia.

Thank G-d I do not suffer from bathysiderodromophobia or there would be no way I could get around NY.

If you are beginning hate my battology or circumlocutions feel free to press backspace now.
In this multivious blogging world I am becoming sick of reading blogs that have no spice. They do not help me cope with omnistrain. Therefore I am stuck with looking for a cure for my nullibiety.

I am NOT having a checkle right now!

To be continued.........


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