Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Killer App

Shavuah Tov! It has been a long shabbos. Shabbos has giving me time to contemplate about my life and my world around me. Let me begin by making a distinction. I want to call it the DARK side of Torah and the LIGHT side of Torah. I have come to the realization that although the Torah wisdom deals with every aspect of human life some of them deal with the bdark side of human nature and some with the good side. Although the question of "what is happiness?" has many answers, depending on who you ask at what time, Torah study will always allow you to think of lifes shortcomings, questions, dilemmas, and problems objectively and will allow you to leave a corrupt perspective and to reach new understandings and hights without compromising your true freedom.
It is also importat to become a lovecat (a borrowed term from the book, "Love is the Killer App") meaning, to grow in knowledge and to know that Knowledge, Compassion, and Connection are important for any growth. 1) aggregation 2)encoding 3)processing 4)application - key words. The more Torah is shared the more it grows exponentially. The more people become aware of the beauty of Torah the more people will respect it.


Blogger Moiy-rah said...

right on!

and shabbos is totally the day to "solve the world's problems".

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