Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Claim to Fame

Those girls that have good middos and want to be great wives to their husbands have an upper hand over those girls who are just looking to have a good time in this world. In the Jewish world, good deeds are looked upon more favorably than meterial assets. That is what makes the Jewish people special.

This is a given.

From my last post it might have been construed that looks are what is important to me. That is not true. Looks are just my perception of light filtering through my eye lens. If I close my eyes then that sensation dissapears. The Yeter Harah wishes to wring out every last drop of kedusha from a person. Looks are a gift from Hashem. They are meant to be used properly, like any gift, such as money, lineage, health ect. Like everything in Judaism, we must uncover the the beauty. If it seems obvious then it is probably sheker. Like a dimond in the rough, truth must be polished. Sheker is glamourous. It shines, it sparkles, it grabs the eye. After a few moments, though, it looses its luster.

A true Bas Yisroel is coveted for her middos and her love of Hashem and Torah. The joy that radiates from her face is what will make her beautiful to any man. She is praised.


Blogger Michael said...

Here's what you were trying to say:

"Sheker hachain v'hevel hayofi; Isha yiras HaShem hi tis'halal"


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