Thursday, August 11, 2005

Under the Covers

Today, my camp went bowling. I still am marveling at how kids act. From a grown-ups view (yes, I consider myself a grown-up relatively to these kids :) ), these minors are irresponsible and immature and need to be taught the rules of life. However after observing these children for a while, you can see they are not so dumb after all. For example, one kid is chasing another and exchanging blows. I pulled them apart and ask why are you fighting. Each one says the other hit them. I then asked each kid to explain what happened. Inevitably, it turns out one kid says he hurt the other by mistake but before he had a chance to "appologize" (as if he were), the other hit him first, so he needs to get back at him.

Life is not fair.

We all know that concept. How does learning that concept help us to become better people? Why do we feel better when we look at thing positively and not negatively? What is the message G-d is trying to send us? I find myself becoming more and more beweildered at this world that we live in. Nothing is black and white, nothing is understandable. Science doesn't offer a reason for things. It is clear facts. Where should I turn for the answers and reasons to the contradicting facts I see? I am confused.


Blogger Elisheva said...

Hey Yeshiva Bachur!

You sound a bit down. I feel so bad. I think we all have these times when we just feel down about stuff and nothing in the wotld makes sense. I surely do.

It's best to talk with friends, but not everyone is lucky to have a friend to be open with. At least you have the blog. It can be such an amazing healing tool.

I have no answers for you, but hang in there. You seem like a nice and sensitive person. I had a person who once told me because I am sensitive things bother me more. I was like, "So I'd rather not be so sensitive to stuff!" But he said, no, lots of ppl gain from another's sensitivity and you gain as well when things are good, and it's like a price.

Maybe one day I'll agree!

5:40 PM  
Blogger EN said...

Elisheva- I am pretty down. I wish I knew what was right and wrong. I am a sensitive person. It pains me when I can't help someone else. I do wish life was fair in all perspectives. It is one of the mysteries of creation.

10:30 PM  

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