Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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Way # 4 - How to Marry the Wrong Person

Way Number 4:

** They don't share common life purpose and priorities. **

There are three basic areas in which people connect:

Chemistry and compatibility

Common interests

Common life goals

Shared interests and goals provide a couple with a deeper level of connection. Make sure that you access it. There are only two ways to grow after marriage: together or apart. To make sure that you grow together, you have to figure out what you're living for while you're single. Then, you'll be able to find someone who has come to the same goals as you. Here are some possible questions to get you started:

Which hobbies or activities does this person enjoy?
Can I relate to them?
Do they interest me now?
If not, might they interest me later as I get to know this person?

How does this person spend his/her discretionary time?
How do I?

What are the things that add meaning to my life?
Does this person have similar priorities and goals?

Although our society doesn't put any real emphasis on thinking about the purpose of life, the fact remains that the true definition of a "soul mate" is a "goal mate." When two people ultimately share the same life purpose, they will share the same priorities, values and goals - and that is the foundation of a strong and happy marriage.


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