Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Laughing in the Face of Pain

Have you ever felt like "road kill"? Yeah, you know what I mean. That icky-yucky feeling of being crushed under a ton of bricks. The day sucks. Life has no meaning anymore. You just want to end it all by jumping off the Empire States Building. That kind of feeling. Where nothing goes right, the Shadchan hates your guts, your mom is angry at you because you didn't want to call her because she gives you a headache, and the girl down the block gave you "talk to the hand and not to the face" finger. The naughty "D" word. Depression. The sickness pharmacists are making millions off. "No, I don't have bi-polar. I am just a little under stress."
"No, no, you must take this medicine, Respirdal, it will make you feel good. Very good. Like on cloud nine. "
So there goes my pay check to pay for medicine. Days do suck the dirt.

But compared to the rodent I can't complain. *LOL*


Blogger Ariel1980 said...

Goodness knows I have my share of these days, possibly more than my share. So many blessings for one person!

My shrink advocates Seroquel. Risperdal is rather heavy, isn't it?

9:39 AM  
Blogger EN said...

It is kind of heavy, I find Paxil to be more helpful.

6:12 PM  

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