Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hi Ho Off to Work We Go

Sometimes I want to take the easy way in life. No, make that all the time. I love the game chutes and ladders. There was always a way to cheat the system, by climbing up the stairs. To get ahead in life one must learn to cheat. Why else are there so many Jewish accountants? To help others cheat on their taxes. Jews are born cheaters, the Gemarah says Rov Ganavim are Jews. Some twist that to say most Jews are Ganavim. The truth is that Jews have a smart head. A great percentage of Nobel Prize winners are Jews. What is this that drives us to cheat. From my experience the reason why I like to cheat is because it is thrilling. Whether it is cheating by copying on a test, downloading MP3 files for free, stealing a friends drink from the fridge, charging something on my parents credit card, sleeping late in bed, missing a minyan, it is the thrill of getting something for nothing. I love getting something for nothing. If I didn't have to work for it it must be real. Work is bothersome. It is taxing. Yes, when I was young I had lofty goals, I believed I could do anything. Then the stumbling blocks came. The laws of nature. No, I couldn't become president, I wasn't a WASP. I couldn't become an astronaut, I wear glasses. I couldn't marry any girl I wanted, I am Jewish. I couldn't even argue against the Tannaim or Amoraim. The wild west was conquered and all the gold was discovered. All the frontiers have been wiped out and plowed over. How ever there are things I can improve. I can always improve myself. Not as glamorous as discovering a new cure for cancer but just as important as well. Does anyone have a light?


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