Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Do Men do ANY Work?

What is the defining attribute of Limud Hatorah? Is Torah learning something that can be defined? Who exactly is Torah? Who is obligated to learn it, and what does the Posuk mean when it says Vehegisah Bo Yomam V'alaylah? The Torah, which was given by the almighty God , a guide book on the human soul and spirit, instructions to elevate and raise our deepest instictive being, to one of lofty, weightless, and shmutzless purity and clarity. To be free. Who doesn't want freedom? The pintele yid is in every Jew and the only way it can be cultivated is throught the learning of Torah. Falafals and Menoras are not going to be the only thing to fuel the Jewish people. The Jewish people need a guide book that will show them the light at the end of the tunnel. Through the study and teaching of Torah there is a connection between the heart and soul of every Jew and even creature in this entire world. Don't judege Torah by a Jew. This staement is true because a Jew might not neccisarily know Torah. Torah is almost impossible to complete physically, definately theoretically. Torah is a knowledge beyond human comprehention. Torah is the knowledge that God chose to reveal of himself in a limited fashion. Every person is obligated to know the laws that pertain to them. they must constantly delve and seek out new understandings. Men have a special Mitzvah to be the guiding force to continue this unbroken chain of Mesorah from Har Sinai until time immortal. It is a hard job. To stay focused one must put up signs and blinders to the rest of the world. One must immerse himself in the walls of a shul or Beis Medrash. The rambam says exile yourself to a desert to learn Torah. Time is precious. Much so. It is a difficult, but happy life. Women don't have the same tests as men. They work all the time becuase that is their being. If not for the women we wouldn't have gone out of Mitzrayim. Moshiyach is going to come because of them. Al Titosh Toras Imecha, don't forget the Torah of your mother. But, Shema Beni Mussar Avicha the hrad Mussar is from the father. The hitting the cojoling the begging, is all up to the men. The women just sit back and smile and say, "come here, boychik, look how sweet Torah is, want to taste?"


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