Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Feelings of Greatfulness

B"h I have learnt a lot today. I feel I am maturing. My mind has more information than it had yesterday. I feel wiser, but stupider, if you know what I mean.(Like that story of R' Saddia Gaon. ) I realise my mistakes from yesterday. Well, I can't be sad, it won't help to cry over spilled milk. I just hope I remember for next time! We can learn so much from everything and everyone. We must share ideas and advances in happiness and truth to other people. This is the ultimate chesed. Giving tzedaka is a good thing, but if you find the person a job it is even better. Money should not rule how a person thinks, (I learned the hard way). The ikkur is to be kind and happy on the journey of life. Spread the flame of torah, it will never get smaller. There is nothing to lose. Torah knowledge just hones the brain to be able to be mekabel kedusha. Which reminds me of something I learned to day that woman may eat something that causes shichicha, forgetfulness, because they are not mechuyav in learning Torah. Also an Am Haretz may eat it. Becuase it will help him forget his narishkeit. The wonders and the greatness of Hashem and his creations make me very happy, and even more so when I learn about them. Al zeh I thank Hashem for making me a Jew. There are hard times and moment of darkness in everyone's life the best thing is to act with respect for others and to never give up because Hashem is watching and calling, "you can do it!" I may whine and complain like a baby but when I see the light I know it is real. Until it grows dim. Only I have my experiences and talents that no one else has. I must use them for the good.


Blogger survivor said...

what's the R' Saadya Gaon story? inquiring minds would like to know...

10:24 PM  
Blogger EN said...

Every day he would cry bitterly because he said to himself, every day he would grow more in understanding the greatness and awsomness of hashem and realized how yesterday he had insulted him by not realizing hashem's greatness and according him the honor due to him and by the sins he commited against him because he had no appropriate fear of hashem.

11:33 PM  

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