Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Guilty Conversation

Guilt is dangerous. I state this because I just felt guilt in writing that sentence. The hidden unknown part of the brain is something we all must deal with sooner or later. Where it will draw us is a matter of great contention among philosphers and other "ITs" by the same adjective. I realise that I am begining to like the word "it" because of its vaugness and power in describing "IT". An "IT" moment has occured that caused me to think to write about something else besides "IT". I will now do so (with g-d's help of course). My story of my life. *think*, *think*, *think*, yes! that's it, I have no concentration to get up off my fat lazy *ss and do something useful. Torah learning is useful, but, as was succintly said to me by my last date-mate, "Torah isn't everything". Who is one to argue? If that is what will make me a better person (and laid) that is what I must do. "Well said", pipes up my yetzer tov, "but you just put down Torah study". Ego chimes in and asks, "how am I to decide?" Editor replies, " pray to g-d and help will come." Skeptic kicks back with a retort, " yah right". And so I am left with a hope and a prayer that salvation will come keherev ayin and that I must believe in the Torah and Hashem and not be to guilty, less it will bring me to ruin. With Hautiness thumping in the backround trying to give a voice. Sorry, "H", you just got to speak louder.


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