Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Truth be told

A question that has been bothering me. Why can't the truth be made up? What makes something true and something false? Does truth stand up on its own or does it need a little help from me? I always wondered if it is possible to lie to a girl and make them do what I want. Turns out my hypothosis is a probabilty so there is no way of ever knowing. As passionate as I am, I believe I still could be more passionate. This applies to every facet of IT. What is IT , is a topic of great debate and I wish I could have it with a girl. Unfortunitally for me, I am shy and unknowlegeble about that species of humans with which I have nothing in common, or maybe not. The not, being in reference to having spoken to a few of the other species in dates which I have been rejected to being allowed to continue seeing or having contact with the other date-mate. Where does the soul enter the picture and why am I writing this information in a blog is still being thought out in my head, although I had an urge to write because I belived/believe(?) that is will help me understand myself to a point where I will understand if lying will get me a shidduch. Any advice on the subject matter, and help in achiving my goal of becoming a better person (and getting laid) are definitally welcome.


Blogger stillruleall said...

Dont think too much. People that think too much never get any action. Truth isnt necessarily exactly what happened. If you always have to tell the truth, but you can lie for shalom bayit, then lying for shalom bayit IS telling the truth. If a girl says something totally inane and you say, "Wow how interesting. Please tell me more" your not lying about being interested, your telling the truth about how to live life.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Shoshana said...

It depends on what you are lying about. Like stillruleall said, if you are telling a woman she looks nice when you think she could look better, that is a lie you can live with, though I don't think it is completely necessary. In general, truth is crucial, and a relationship built on anything but truth will fall apart. That being said, truth does not have to be harsh or mean. Learn the art of being gentle with truth.

9:11 AM  

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