Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Garbage: hidden or open?

A quick note about some chiddushim I heard tonight in a shiur on shabbos. It was given by Rabbi Shlomo Pearl in the Bostoner Shul on E29. He said how important it is to observe Shabbos and how it could save you up to 1.2 million dollars. If every week you do something wrong by accident and without knowing something was prohibited you are required to bring a chatas. Which is about $2,000. Do the math for one year. Quite a hefty sum of cash.

He also mentioned how many women on Yom Kippur come to make a bracha levatalah when they go to shul and repeat the bracha of shehechiyanu after having said it already while lighting of the candles.

For the grand finally, while speaking on tiltul garbage on shabbos, he discussed the permisibility of using the garbages under the sink. Is it muksa to touch them even tiltul min hatzad. If they swing out they are a problem.

He then said hillariously how this is the latest fad among shidduch questioners, where is the garbage located. It is out in the open or hidden underneath the sink? That got many laughs. Truthfully though, in my opinion, where garbage is located does make a house neater. I certainly do not like living in a garbage dump. However, although I am a clean person and very into hygenics, I would not disreagard a shidduch based on a trivial matter as where the garbage is located. Although, it would be something I might bring up to in a conversation with a perpective girl on a date to see if she wouldn't mind if we could keep the garbage hidden.


Blogger Shopaholic said...

"Although, it would be something I might bring up to in a conversation with a perpective girl on a date to see if she wouldn't mind if we could keep the garbage hidden."

(I really hope your not being serious)
This is NOT a topic to 'bring into conversation' on a date. You would totally scare the girl away! and I KNOW she would think your crazy... lol-sorry!

I suggest you leave this kind of discussion for when you go out and buy the garbage can- togther... ONCE YOU ARE MARRIED!!

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Chana said...

Oh, dear. *cowers in a corner* My garbage is located in a type of drawer underneath the island in our kitchen. Therefore it is hidden. I wonder, however- I think there are two aspects.

One- if you hide your garbage, you are being neater and cleaner, while also avoiding an unpleasant smell and germs.

Two- if you display your garbage proudly, maybe you're demonstrating that really you have nothing to hide. Perhaps you believe in showing others both the good and the bad, both sides of oneself.

For anyone who took this seriously in terms of a shidduch-date (I am not among those people, due to the fact that my former Bais Yaakov school (thank God I"m not there any longer) basically told my parents they were worried about my shidduch because I was switching out of that school) I would explain that the people of type #2 might even be more honest/ truthful with themselves. And if they would believe the garbage issue, they would definitely believe that outlook on it. Hence, problem solved! ;)

8:29 AM  
Blogger EN said...

shopaholic-ahhhhh, ok I was joking. :-)

P.S. If it came up in a conversation as I was repeating the shuir to her, would that be viewed as crazy?

Chana- In my house the garbage is out in the open because we don't have space under the sink. I don't think we thought about the pyscologics (can't think of a better word to describe your theory) that we want to prove that we don't have any thing to hide. But now that you mention it, my family has nothing to hide b'h. My mother has a saying no shame no blame, meaning even if a person has some bad trait don't be ashamed to own up and to fix it and don't put the blame on others.

9:13 AM  

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