Saturday, November 26, 2005

Jewish Unity

Recently the Jewish Press printed an article about Djerba, a city in Tunisia. The Hamodia printed an article about several towns in Russia. The gist and the common denominator between the two articles is how the Jewish communites are growing by leaps and bounds. What is amazing is how Jews are still prevalant all over the globe and they are GROWING. We aren't dead yet, no matter how much people try to decimate us. When reading such type of articles I get this feeling of pride and a feeling of connection to those people through our Jewish unity. I am proud that we are represented all over the world. The Torah is what binds us all and that I would feel at home with any Jew; no matter where they are in the world. Mi Ceamecha Yisrael. There is a Sofer in Los Angeles who learned his skill in Djerba, read about it here: Sofer.


Blogger Haseed Bayom said...

check out this site it rocks

8:11 PM  
Blogger smb said...

No that site is loshon hara. Sure some people are bothered by them, but that doesn't mean that people should go and verbally bash them.

suzy marci

2:02 PM  

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